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22/10/2019 7:44 am reviews

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I ordered for use in TRT, after becoming frustrated with NHS attitude. Had a private consultation and started using prescribed TESTOGEL. After a lot of research, decided to switch to injectables. I have my bloods done regularly, which gives me confidence to recommend the testosterone enanthate I ordered as 100% legitimate. Oestrogen levels are down as a result of switching from gel, and test is up, with SHBG down. All in all, I'm very satisfied, and have no problem recommending. In fact, if it weren't for AZsteroids, I wouldn't have stumbled across The reviews gave me confidence, so I hope to pay that forward for others.

Comes packaged very well, can hardly feel anything when it is being injected. I've been using it now for 10 weeks, having switched over from gel for TRT purposes. Injecting 250mg a week (probably too much for TRT, that is to be discussed with my doctor!) noticed increased libido, energy and focus, as well hair growth and testicular atrophy. Couple this with my blood tests, it is clearly legitimate testosterone.

Obviously, I lift as well. I was dieting when I started injecting Test E. Fat started coming off, lifts started getting back to pre diet levels. No going back now!

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