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22/10/2019 12:01 pm reviews

RoidsMaLL.Net Store

Communications with RoidsMaLL have been pleasant for a little over a year now. I originally met the azsteroids rep when he was trying to get their website added to azsteroids and hoping to become a verified source. I helped him out and submitted his name as a source, which started my relationship with them as a supplier. Having come into contact them through this I sampled a product of theirs (KP Trenbolone Acetate) and was surprisingly impressed. I've contacted them here through the azsteroids PM system and on their source discussion page as well as through e-mails and have always been able to reach them and get a response in a reasonable amount of time.

RoidsMaLL is EU based and I happen to live on the east coast of the USA, so all deliveries are international to myself. From my experience processing of orders has taken a few days (never more than 4) and shipment to delivery has ranged from 13-21 days. Items have always been packaged professionally and arrived undamaged and in tact.

I've used this KP Test E at 1.5ml e3d (every three days) and have found it so far to be what I expected of it. The product was implemented in my training regimen in place of sustanon, which was being dosed at 250mg per week, split into .25ml injections every other day. The increase in testosterone in my system has so far been noticeable however. My skin has become more oily, which has manifested itself in an increase in acne unfortunately. I have had to increase my anti-estrogen medication as a result. The other most noticeable effect of the product so far has been increased recovery time on my max-out workout week. One week of every month I switch from my 5/3/1 routine and strictly do max weight for as many reps as I can for all 4 days of my workout split. Typically this is the most stressful week on my body and creates muscle soreness in myself for the next day into the second day even at times. With the increased testosterone dosage from the KP Test E I have not experienced my normal level of fatigue.

I've enjoyed the KP Test E so far and I LOVED the Tren A from the same company. RoidsMaLL has been a solid source in my experience and I would recommend them based on my dealings with them so far.

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30/10/2019 2:43 pm  

I am new to the board but not new to the game .I have placed several orders from this site

Very easy and fast quick to answer emails and questions .Will be back again and again.

Will posts results over next 6 months bi weekly.also sent a nice freebee thanks for being honest and fast .

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01/11/2019 11:43 am  

Long overdue review for RoidsMall fast who is stand up. Can't speak highly enough about this source right from the ordering process and communication to the products. I have mainly ordered the Gerotrop HGH so I'll be basing my review on that.

Communication is great, RMALL is always quick to reply and always very helpful. Answers all questions with good details and you can tell he actually cares about his customers. Makes the ordering process very easy and actually a pleasure to do

Packaging is amazing and very discreet and orders always land within 2 weeks

I have mainly ordered Gerotrop HGH which I have been using for about 3 months now. These are the original Gerotrops used in hospitals. It comes in original boxes and the codes always check out as legit on rise website and the fibers on the sticker always match. I have made my way up to my current dose of 10iu ED and can say I could not be happier with the results. At first I started at 5iu ED and sides were rough, I had a lot of water retention which I also had using genotropin before, hands were numb and CTS was quite especially upon waking up. I slowly increased my dose up and now at 10iu most sides have disappeared as my body has got used to it. Still holding a little bit of water but it's barely noticeable. In terms of effects it has been amazing! my skin is the best it has ever looked, hair and nails grow super quick and overall feel amazing. It has definitely helped me increase muscle fullness while staying lean, I'm eating 6,000 calories a day and this has been the leanest bulk I have ever done and I eat quite a bit of junk food sometimes. I might have even dropped a little of body fat, I haven't got my body fat measured but I'm up 3kg and just by looking in the mirror I don't think I have gained much if any fat as I look fuller and vascularity has increased. Overall I couldn't be happier and will continue to run Gerotrop from RMALL for as long as I can

Anyone that hasn't ordered from RMALL before please don't hesitate as he will help make the ordering process and transaction very easy and you will love the products

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