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Anavar with winny to cut?

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Alright ive been running 500mg of test for 3 weeks going to continue for 3 more and im also running 50mg of winny a day. Im about to start 500mg of EQ for 8-10 weeks. My question is I was only going to take the winny for the first 6 weeks and then run Anavar but should I run the Winny a little bit longer say 8 weeks and start the Anavar so they have time to work together?

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in my honest opinion, i would limit the intake of Winny to 6 can get harsh on the body

just my 2 cents

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I dunno what to tell ya bro... you're gonna want to have some sort of androgen in there with that eq. You can run into some problems if you don't.

Why did you stagger it like that.... starting the eq so late and all?