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Domestic or not

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I am getting ready to make an order, but the only place I can get what I want from is not in the US. Should I worry about my shipment getting here? what do you guys do? use a po box and not worry about it or what?

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I got a personal mail box at a mail boxes etc., in a corporate name. It has 24 hour access and I always pick up my packages after hours. The packages are never addressed to me, but to an employee. I don't open the package for at least 3 days from my receipt of it. No, it is not fool proof, but it does give me a chance at plausible deniability.

By the way, the feds do not need a search warrant to look through your trash. If you are that worried about it, don't dispose of anything that can be used against you in your trash. Take some place else and get rid of it. I don't do this all the time, but if I am about to receive and order or if an order just came in, I will.

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good post Flex