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Was up guys this is what I have planned.
This will be my second cycle.
25mg Dbol'>D-bol 5 weeks
I'm thinking of useing EQ eod 100mg for 6 weeks
clomid at the end
I would use sust but I didn't like the sides last time.
If there is something better to stack with the D let me know.

thanx for the help guys

my first cycle I used 1cc every week sust
eod EQ 100 for 8 weeks
but I didn't use clomid
I kept most of what I had, but I hope this time will be better
right now I weigh 140, I'm on a 6 day workout I have about 6% BF and I'm 5/7
thanx BuiltOne

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What kind of sides did you observe? I'd be inclined to guess they were from the eq not the test. 250mg test/week is not much at all... and if you're that sensitive to test, dbol isn't gonna sit too well with ya for sure.

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I would bump up the dosage of EQ and take it every third day...........

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builtone, what are your goals bro, u tryin to gain some mass, or u wanna stay lean

if mass is what u are gioing for use some: cyp, sus, omna, any kind of test
if u want to stay lean: deca, Anavar, primo