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Keeping gains?

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Im about to start my first cycle with:

sust250'>sustanon- 250mg/week for 8 weeks
Deca-200mg/week for 8 weeks
and clomid from weeks 9-11

I was just wondering if you guys could gimme some advice on how to keep my gains, after my cycle. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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keep eating, watching ur diet, and keep training hard...just gotta make sure u stay sure the other guys in here will help u more

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If i were you i'd get some HCG, Nolvadex and some TRibulus for after your cycle....HCG gets your body producing test on its own again... Nolvadex gets rid of the water and blocks the conversion of estrogen, preventing gyno...and tribulus also helps long with the HCG with gettin your body to produce test again..many will isist on clomid but my personal experience tells me that tribulus and clomid are interchangeable..good luck...write back with dosage questions

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Good advice guys.
Using both SElite and PPumps advice will help you retain the majority of your gains.

I prefer Clomid to HCG though.
100mg/ed for 7 days followed by 50mg/ed for 14 days will do wonders.