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Product Name: NITROTAIN

Active Ingredient: Nehtylestrenol 15 mg per 4 gram of paste

Manufacturer: Biochemical Veterinary Research Pty LTD, 299 Hume highway 2575, Australia

Type: Primarily Anabolic in action

For: Horses and also in some cattle stock

Nitrotain is an oral paste form that is sold in vetinary stores and comes is tubes like toothpaste. It is commonly given to horses. It tastes like crap, so you may want to miss it with otameal in the morning. I know "people" who take it by itself, but I recommend stacking it with something. By itself it usually yeilds about 3-7lbs of consistent gains in about 21 days. As you can see it is very potent alone. Nitrotain was produced in Australia. There are a few underground labs(sources) that make it now and I have "heard" many postive reveiws on it.

Product Name: Silabolin

Active Ingredient: Nehtylestrenol 25mg/ea with Clenbuterol added.

Administration type: Injectable

Silabolin is what you are referring to and is back in production today. It is an injectable form and comes in 10 amp boxes and amps are 25mg each. It's white box with black writin. This is the version you will commonly see today and is pretty easy to get as well. The thing about this is that it is hihgly androgenic with little of the sides. It will build lean muscle very fast while having a catalytic effect on fat. In other words you get bigger while getting leaner(shredded).

A ethyloestranol ,NITROTAIN is a fantastic vetinary steroid. It exhibits powerful anabolic properties, while at the same time having little to no side effects. Its absorbed within 90 minutes of taking it and the liver hardly touches the stuff. Its gets out of the body in around 48 hours making it ideal to use until a few days out from a show. I say a few days because you can NEVER guarantee a 100% assured clearance time as everyone's body is different.

NITROTAIN is not new, but still many do not know about it. It builds muscles via increased protein syntheses, stimulates the uptake of calcium back into the bones, reduces (yes reduces!) blood pressure and can help reduce the chances of thrombosis.

It also has good ANTI-CATABOLIC properties.

Miles better than Equipoise (Boldenone) in my opinion, which gave "many I know" gyno. Ha!Ha! It also makes me(many I know) feel sick. NITROTAIN on the other hand gives reasonable gains, does not make (me) feel sick and is also, depending on where you are and who you get it off- easy and cheap to get.

I know many who simply order via some websites or vets who specialize in horses and get it no questions asked.

As stated the company , Biochemical Veterinary Research Pty LTD, recommends 1 gram of paste per 100kg of horses bodyweight. Many have put forward their own doses. Remember ALL doses given for HUMAN use are not scientifically sound, they cannot be because no studies exist on what is the best dose for humans because it is a steroid for animals.

Okay I will tell you my recommended doses based on my personal experience with the product. So don't email me with questions like, "Is it okay to double the dose?" Well it is up to you, I can only give you what I recommend based on my personal experience and research.

On with the show. Here's how I take NITROTAIN on a 21, sometimes a 28, day cycle ( a month if taking into account the natural tapering off in this case 48 hrs). I tried two methods one taking the maximum dose I reached for 28 days, the other 'pyramiding' up the dose every 7 days. I list both below.

Days 1-6
2 gram

Days 7- 14
4 gram

Days 21 - 28
8 gram

Or take the full 8 gram for 21 days.

Now this is for the paste...

Now for the injectable Silabolin:

I usually take 1-2 amps EOD for 30 days for 4 weeks of a cycle before I go into the next phase of the cycle. I have stacked it with winny w/ Naps through the whole cycle at 30-50mg/day. Usually I do about 40mg/day whole cycle for the naps...Usually running a 10 week cycle.

Any other questions feel free to ask. Hope I was of some help.

Lord Odin,
Ruler of Gods