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not sure what to do

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hey bros, i had a quick question is there anything that i could take ie chrysin, tribulus, anything in that nature, that i could take instead of some nolva or arimidex, the reason i am asking is b/c i made a AS sin and didnt get any w/ the start of my omna and deca cycle, i just dont wanna see any signs of gyno, also i have around 10 clomid left from my last cycle, could i use those, thanks for the advice bros.....

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no comment.

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Do not substitute week over the counter supplements(Chrysin,Tribulus) for quality pharmacitical accessories......especially while using AS.

If your going to use AS and you want to prevent gyno then get Nolvadex or Arimidex. Nolvadex should be used if gyno symptoms become present, 10-20mg ed should work well. Arimidex should be used 0.25-0.5mg ed from beginning to end.

If you want your natural test production to start up again after a cycle then use Clomid.....10tabs is not enough....youll need 28 tabs of 50mg. 100mg for 7 days followed by 50mg for 14 days after.