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omnadren 250mg and d-bol IP 50mg help first cycle please asp.

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this my first cycle and dont feel nothing is this bunk or what
cycle so far
wk1 omna 500mg
wk2 omna 500mg
wk3 omna 500mg and Dbol'>D-bol IP 50mg a day
wk4 omna 500mg and d-bol IP 50mg a day
started cycle dec/20/01 today is jan/15/02 ive been taking d-bol for last 12 days at 50 mg when i first took it it gave me a big buzz for 10 minutes it tastes like mild asprin but dont feel nothing yet how can you tell if either are bunk my friend said with the omna you can taste the oil it should taste real bad it only tasted like oil i hope this just takes longer to hit you other wise i lost alot of money my profile 20%bf 210wt 6.1ht weight lifting 4yrs i dont eat enough but i should still see a difference shouldnt intake 2000 to 3000 cals protein 250 to 300 g a day thanx bros

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1st off who gave you that cycle??? 4 weeks isn't long enough for Omnas, you need 8 weeks at least. 2nd, dbol should have started at week 1 and run for 4 weeks at 25mg/day if its your 1st cycle. 50mg/day is too much for you and 2 weeks isn't long enough. By now you should have seen strength increases with the dbol.

You should have asked us for a cycle before you started!!!

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TJ ,your right on about this ,I was thinking the same thing when I read the post

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good advise.

I'm hoping you are just mid-way thru your cycle and that's what you've taken so far. if not, you got some bad advise from whoever set you up.

to answer the question, should have seen something by now.