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Please help me out with the proviron!

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Ok....I read alot about proviron and I am not sure when to take it and with what... when I begin my first cycle...... I will be doing 300 deca+ 500 sust a week for eight weeks and I have most of the goods.

I just decided to add proviron to the mix because I want to get maximum hardness by the end of doing everyhthing. I am going to start clomid therapy two weeks after last injection, but I don't know when and where to combine nolva 20 mg a day + proviron 25mg a day.
So can you suggest when I should do those too and for how long?

The goal with the proviron and nolva is that I want to avoid aromatization + water retention, therefore I want a hard look instead of a bloated look. Please help.

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IMO run the Proviron about 3 weeks from the end of the cycle and right through clomid therapy. It does not inhibit the HPTA, so will not adversly affect clomid treatment and will help maintain high androgen levels during the period of re-adjustment which will aid in the maintenance of your new mass......personally I use 50mgs/day and dose 1 tab a.m. and 1 tab p.m.........hope this helps bro..............anyone else??


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personally i would run the proviron throughout the whole cycle at 50mgs ED stopping usage when you start your clomid...this should hold off the water during your cycle...but if you still insist on using nolv during your cycle then 10mg ED would be enough stopping it the same time....also wait to start your clomid 3wks after your last inj (sust can stay active for up to a month) @100mg ED for 7days then 50mgs ED for the next 2-3wks.