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I have copied my post from S.E. for your input. Please let me know your thoughts/comments/suggestions etc. I really want EVERYONES opinion before I start. Thanks

Ok, I had planned on doing a winny only cycle, Dragon Pharma 50mg ed 6wks(with milk thistle/primrose/ala - followed with clomid), but now I am wondering if I should throw some deca in there at 2-300mgs/wk (the Deca America looks mighty appealing Myles!). My goal is to add 7-10lb lean muscle and drop bf% about 2%. I have been lifting for 6 years, with the last 3 devoted to the bodybuilding lifestyle. I am a definite endomprph as I can gain mass easily but it is not all fat free even with a clean diet. I also tend to store fat easily in the ab region. I am already planning my next cycle as a cutting cycle with winny/var/maybe fina.
Here are the rest of my stats:
Weight: 190
Height: 5'11
Bf: 12%
Currently have(or will have very soon): 100 50mg winny, 60 50mg clomid, 90 10mg novla, 500 .02mg clen, 60 25mg t3, 380 10mg Dragon Pharma Var.
So should I just stick with the winny, add some deca or EQ, or add something else? All opinions are graciously welcomed!

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I think you should do this:

week 1-6 winny 50mg/day
week 1-8 deca/eq 300mg/week
week 1-8 test 250mg/week

I'd tend to lean more toward the test than the deca if you're gonna choose between one intramuscular. If you do the test alone, then bump it up to 500mg.