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Used it as a kickstart for a cycle a while back. Gained wieght and streangth somewhat fast(about 15 pounds in 4 weeks) was taking 37.5 mg/day, but I think it is underdosed a bit. Only sides I got were nosebleeds from high blood pressure. Its an aquired taste. I preloaded a dart and squirted some in my mouth every few hours.

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I have seen tests showing the ref-b (liquid) to usually be in the range of 19.7mg-23.4mg/mL. That was a few years ago.

It is an acquired taste but I like to let it linger in my mouth and think to myself "This is the taste of me growing, this is the taste of me growing." None of that injecting it into a capsule for me.

Going way back (well, at least since the mid 90's), I've never gotten a bum Loeffler product. Maybe it was mi veternario or luck, but, as far as I am concerned, they are my most trusted brand name.

methandrostenolone is a strong aas. Expect rapid strength and weight gains. Both of these gains are the result of water retention (the weight gain is obvious, but retaining water also lets your muscles work with a better 'arm of leverage'; same reason why some people get stronger when they take creatine, sorta). It also aromatizes, so you should be wary of fat gain, gyno, and any estrogen related problems. It is also strongly androgenic, so watch your hair, acne, etc.