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Super Clen

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Well after my current cycle I was going to get some clen to take along with my clomid and HCG so I wouldn't lose much weigh tor size...but my buddy wants me to go in with hi8m and get superclen?? Anyone have any experiences with it.... He wants to do a winsrtol+clen cycle to lose fat....I just want to use it to keep muscle....

Also I heard that you got to tkae it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off...correct??

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There are 2 types of superclen: with and without Ketotifen.

Superclen w/o Ketitofen:
For fat loss, cycle it like any other brand of clen...2weeks on, 2weeks off. To keep muscle(to some degree, its not a miracle worker) take everyday for 4-6 weeks.

Superclen w/Ketotifen:
This bad boy will knock your ass out!! It will make you very sleepy and tired. Only cure is to take a nap to shake it off a little. Its main purpose is for bulking, to add mass without adding huge amounts of adipose. The ketitofen cleans the receptors making the clen effective everytime(in theory).

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I'm taking half a tab in morning, half in evening. I got tired for the first couple days, but now all I notice is some slight tremors/shaking and increased heart rate. I like the shit personally. I'm 290, so I'de imagine that some one under 200 would experiance alot more of the sides.


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After a few days your body will get accustomed to the ketotifen in the superclen. After then you should be fine and not feel so lethargic (sp?)
At first I took them in the evening before my workouts so I would get a better pump in the gym and then after I got home I would be ready to hit the hay!!!
After I got used to them though I had to start taking them in the morning as I coulden't get to sleep otherwise!
After a few days you will primarily only feel the clen and not get drousy..or as drousy. This is how it worked for me and a few others anyway.
Hope that this helps some bro.


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does anyone here know if the .5mg IP superclen tabs have ketitofin in them?

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Hey bro

As far as I know, the .5mg IP tabs have 10 mg ketotifin. The .2mg ones only have 5 mg ketotifin. Im not sure if IP is making the ,5mg ones anymore, but there are probably tons still around.

Right now Im using 1 and a half of the .5mg ones, and Im under 200lbs. First few days I was fucked, but Im alright now.

Hope this helped