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Test is best!

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No matter what my cycle, cutting or bulking there is a test for you. Test is the cornerstone of all my cycles with everything else being built around my test base. I personally find American Cypionate to be my favorite but the mexicans are making some very good enanthate. There are fast acting, slow releasing, mutiple release tests but remember test is test no matter what the ester and it is the best overall for permanent size gains. With a proper dosing cycle all gains from test will be kept, I have never lost anything from a test only cycle. The only downside is that you have to keep using increasingly larger doses every cycle.

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Strange most people I know lose alot from test because you gain so much water as well. Test is great sure but I wouldn't swear by it especially when gyno is such a potential issue when you go over 750 mgs. per week.

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Well, for my money, nothing gives the gains as well as test. I hear people bitching about how fina (tren) makes you "too strong too fast" for your joints, but test, FOR ME, is king of gains.

I go WAY up in strength and, if I am smart about coming off, I keep almost everything. Yeah, some weight comes off (can we all say "water"), but I usually keep almost all the strength and muscle.

American cyp is, IMO, the best, but I am making mad gains off QV cyp/enan and home-brew fina.