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The Low-Down on Clen

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Ok, I have been doing a ton of research and from what I have read clen decreases the rate at which protein is reduced in the muscle cell, consequently causing an enlargement of muscle cells. But, I have also, of course, read the opposite, that it accelerates both loss of fat and protein. From your experience, what do you see as being most evident without the use of gear at the same time? I would like to hear some personal feedback on this. What did you feel when you started out, and what were some of the advantages while useing the drug, such as strength, energy, and protein retention.

Peace, BuiltOne

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Well bro-I ran liquid clen for a week and had to quit because of the headaches effecting my work. I reasearched it a ton too. experience wise I can't help ya much since I did it for such a short time. for fat loss though it worked better than any of the other surpresants I have taken.(and I have tried them all) -
I am sure some people can help you out more.


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young gun you got any left instead of popping xenadrine we could shoot clen on the weekends

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the latest about clen ,is that pros use it with insulin for cutting i mean just those 2 like when finishing a cycle and this combo give u gr8 results ,i tried it between cycles this time just used insulin once a week,chad N way +taurine and now im 6 weeks off ,i mean 6 weeks after the test is out of my system,did lose 1kg ,remind u this cycle i gained 11kg in total ,the last cycle i lost 8 kg after the PCT ,so for me it working now and the thing is that when used with insulin u dont have to cycle it ,since the insulin make the recertors more sensitve to it.

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can you crush clen pills and dissolve in h2o and shoot it? would you go I[v]/[m]