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Have any of you guys heared of a CO.called valopharm? I found a guy that carries "Valotest400" wtf.? Tells me its the shit and that all the Pro's are using it.Anyone Know of this?
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i've heard of them...don't know much about them though

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The main guy who pushes this stuff is a source poster and rule breaker.....he makes a lot of people nervous...

Here's an article from T-mag about Valopharm's Finaplix Gold(Aparently, a huge scam)



All That Glitters Isn’t Gold!

Recently, a lot of people have been asking me about a product called "Finaplix Gold" made by Valopharm. In fact, a columnist for MuscleMag even wrote about it, singing its praises. I did a little snooping (and product testing) and this is what I came up with:

1) Valopharm is not a legit company. It’s a bootlegger operating somewhere in America.

2) Valopharm makes (or at least labels, see below) three different products: Finaplix-H, which has a pink label, is supposed to be 33mg/ml of trenbolone acetate and comes in a 30ml vial; Finabol 50, which has a silver label and is supposed to be a 50mg/ml version, and of course, Finaplix Gold, which has a gold label and is supposed to have 100mg/ml of trenbolone acetate in a 30ml bottle.

3) Finaplix Gold is supposed to be a 100mg/ml clear solution. So how come the bottle I saw had a bunch of particulate matter in it? I can only assume the bootleggers didn't filter it all that thoroughly and there’s a lot of leftover methylcellulose from the pellets (unlike GAC and Geneza, Valopharm uses the cattle pellets to make their product line). This isn’t a real problem by itself because the binders are harmless and is a cosmetic inconvenience at most. But consider the next point:

4) GAC and Geneza only make a 75mg/ml trenbolone product and there’s a reason for this: you can't get much more than that into a milliliter of oil without jacking up the benzyl alcohol content so high it causes tissue damage. If you try to make more than 75mg/ml using a kit, you’ll end up filtering off and losing a lot of trenbolone, despite what the makers of the kits tell you. So how can Valopharm make a 100mg/ml product?

Valopharm can't make a 100mg/ml product! Here’s something you might find quite interesting to know: I had one of our readers who contacted me purchase several bottles of the Valopharm stuff (several of each version) over the last two to three months in order to test them in the molecular biology lab at his local university, as well as test them "clinically" (i.e. he used them on himself).

He withdrew 2ml of solution from a sample of each bottle and put each sample into a glass cuvette which was then placed into a Guilford Spectrophotometer and hit with 550nm beams of light. Now you’d expect the results to be different for each of the three samples due to the supposed concentration of the solutions, but lo and behold, they were all the exact same! What does this tell us?

5) It tells us that all three products tested have the same concentration of trenbolone! My guess is that it isn't 100mg/ml (impossible anyhow, or nearly so) or even 50mg/ml. I bet they're all 33mg/ml and Valopharm is just labeling them differently.

The good news is that all of them contain trenbolone acetate for sure, as this reader grew pretty well on them, describing gains in strength, vascularity and hardness which is what trenbolone is known for. However, seeing how the pink labeled bottles are much less expensive than the other two and based on the testing I described, I’d only buy this product and not the silver or gold labeled stuff, which certainly works well but is painfully expensive considering all three versions are probably the same thing.