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Official British Dragon Website

The gear is inexpensive for the quality, and everything is lab tested with results shown so you know you're going to get what you pay for. I have ordered in bulk for my last 3 orders and have paid MAYBE a third of street value. Quality of the gear I have ordered as far as results has been nothing short of what is expected. First cycle test gains put me 25lbs heavier and 2 cycles later my composition was right at 195/200lbs 4% body fat after a Tren/Test cycle from British Dragon. Aside from simply having quality gear priced right, BD often has ways for you to save money by ordering from them on top of the money you'll undoubtedly already save, as well as different "contests" you may participate in to receive free credit towards more gear. All in all I would not order from or trust any other labs, period.

Test (all different esters), Tren, Deca, Winstrol, Dbol, various post cycle equipment and more. (Hard to include everything because some of it was not specifically for more)

I've run 3 cycles personally from British Dragon Pharma. Test C, Sust 350 and Tren A/Test P. All were run between 2 and 3 months and performed beautifully.

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This is a review for British Dragon sustabol 350.

I used this product first. At the time I was running 700 mg a week from another well known source so I had something rather better quality to compare it to. I was surprisingly amazed how within 3 weeks i had even more energy and libido was through the roof.. I had some really nice fullness gains off the bd sust. I'll be placing an order for more shortly. Sust is pretty much what I run for test. I've had many many years of experience with this compound and I can say I would buy either again..

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All products work better than expected. Let me explain, I do a 10 week bulking cycle that consists of 700mg Sustabol per week (my body the sus is better than Eth or Cyp for water bloating) Then for 6 weeks in the middle of cycle I do the Oxydrol 50mg per day (more water with anadrol so offsets) I take the Deca 200 per week and this is a dry water retaining product that helps keep the water from anadrol down. This cycle is good for bulking with explosive pumps and I gain aprox 18 lbs in mass and still stay on the lean side, still vascular.

Always more than satisfied and refer all I can to company and I will be a customer for life

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Im using the adex and clen; both are definitely legit. Havnt tried the nolva yet.

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Ok running 760mg test depot per week with 2ml of BD Ultrabol eod. My strength is through the roof and increased appetite. I'm only two weeks in the Ultrabol but can definitely feel it and I have dropped considerable weight. I am also kick starting with tren and I've noticed a difference in my muscle quality. My lifts are all up nothing dramatic yet by up nonetheless. Everyone that knows me on here knows how much I love British Dragon gear. Glad to see them close to the top where they belong!!!

BD oils are smooth clear and clean next to no pip even with the test prop. They are right up there with Kalpa and Dragon Pharma as far as I'm concerned and I have used both so I can accurately state that! Can't wait for the final results!!!

Quality company and products!!!

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i was using Sustabol with Boldabol 700mg and 600 wk for 12 weeks dropped all those and now started tren ace test prop for cutting up

my strenth and power is up to the ceiling

i started my cycle 1,70 tall 78 kgs 17%bf and now im 81 with 13%bf

i had my 3rd inj of tren test a few minutes ago next 4 weeks im adding Stanabol and if i dont go under 9%bf im doing clen/t3 2 weeks on 2 off

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