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ActivaTe™ FAQ

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ActivaTe™ FAQ

Q. What is ActivaTe™?

As stated on our website, ActivaTe™ harnesses Divanil™, an extract of stinging nettle root, to increase muscle mass and strength, and decrease body fat in healthy men. Most of your circulating Testosterone is bound or inactive. A plasma glycoprotein called Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) binds up most of your testosterone so that it cannot exert any anabolic effect. ActivaTe™ knocks out SHBG allowing your own testosterone to be free—and build serious muscle.

For more information, check the full write-up available on the site, found here.

Q. Can’t we just get this effect cheap from generic stinging nettle root extract products?

As much as you’d like that, no.

ActivaTe™ is one of a kind product. While generic stinging nettle products contain all lignans found in the root, Divanil™ is standardized to 60-95% 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran. It is this lignan that shows the highest affinity for sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and what is responsible for the hugely beneficial effects of ActivaTe™. Generic products also tend to have the typical 10% standardization, so to get one month’s worth of the product at the dosing equivalent to the recommended dosing of ActivaTe™ would require multiple bottles and likely not have the same effect in the event of other lignans in the root antagonizing the effect of Divanil™.

Q. Can I stack it with creatine and/or thermogenics?

If you need to, yeah.

Q. How many capsules is the recommended dose?

4 caps per day. Ideally spread out as evenly as possible.

Q. So how many servings per bottle is that?

The 120 caps per bottle gives you a full 30-day supply if ran at the recommended dose.

Q. You mean I can dose more?

You can play around with dosing as you see fit. In theory, higher dosing should result in more SHBG being bound and more testosterone being activated. However, eventually there would inevitably be a point of diminishing returns.

If dosing significantly higher than recommended dosing (x1.5 or x2 the recommended dosing), then it may be a very good idea to stack it with Rebound XT™ - particularly those sensitive to estrogen or symptoms of gynecomastia (“gyno”). 2 caps of Rebound XT are sufficient for this cause and should prove to be a very potent stack – so much so we’ve written an article on the combination, called the NHA (Non-Hormonal Anabolic) Stack™. The write-up can be found on the website here.

Q. So there is potential for ActivaTe™ to agitate those with existing gyno problems?

The potential is always there with a product that will increase free testosterone as efficiently as ActivaTe™. However, of all the feedback we’ve had from ActivaTe™, including those with existing gynecomastia, it is incredibly rare that any of the reports state that ActivaTe™ aggravates the condition. In fact, to be specific, we’ve only had two, and these were more concerns than actual growth.

Overall, we feel that this isn’t an issue at all, but no one wants “man boobs”, so for those with paranoia, the NHA Stack™ would be the best option for you.

Q. Ok, so could I just take all 4 caps at once?

That is far from ideal. We strongly recommend you at least split the dose 2 caps twice per day, with about 8-12hrs between dosing. Ideally, take 4 caps with four of your meals, spaced out nice and evenly.

Q. If this product frees up testosterone, could I take it before training to get the best effect?

We’ve had several reports of this from users already. 1 capsule about 30-45 minutes before training apparently has a significant effect on strength, muscle pumps and motivation. We say apparently, because we cannot guarantee this effect.

It is certainly worth experimentation though!

Q. Does ActivaTe™ cause HPTA shutdown?

No, it is “non-hormonal”.

Q. Will ActivaTe™ give me extra acne?

Again, with a product as effective as ActivaTe™ for boosting free testosterone, it is certainly possible. The majority of users report oilier skin and some increased acne, but nothing that makes your face look like a Goodfellas pizza.

Q. The write-up states that ActivaTe™ blocks DHT. In theory, is it possible that the increase in free testosterone can also indirectly increase DHT?

If we're talking theory, then yes, there may be an increase in DHT. Given DHT’s high affinity for SHBG, we do not feel this effect to be of huge concern, nor has the feedback indicated so.

Q. So I won’t lose my hair using ActivaTe™?

Reports of this were few and far between. There was one case of paranoia and another case where a gentleman was sure there was increased shedding. The abundance of feedback showing no effect on hair loss verses the few reports that do indicate to us that this is not a typical side effect, so should be of small concern, unless prone to male pattern baldness maybe.

Q. I thought I remembered a Designer Supplements company rep say that if anything, free test would rise while total T may decrease a bit (or something like that). Is this true?

Blocking SHBG may reduce overall testosterone output as your body detects the higher percentage of circulating androgen, but you are freeing up more active testosterone for an anabolic net effect.

For example -

Without ActivaTe™:

Total Test: 100
Free Test: 40

With ActivaTe™:

Total Test: 80
Free Test: 60

Arbitrary numbers but you get the gist.

Q. Does it matter if taken with or without food?

No, but generally we recommend taking right before any food you eat to avoid “burnt-tasting” burps that ActivaTe™ may cause.

Q. Does ActivaTe™ help you gain strength?


Q. Do you think the NHA Stack™ would be strong enough to retain muscle while cutting?

Providing your diet is solid and your training not excessive, absolutely yes.

Q. Do I need to taper ActivaTe™ at the end of the cycle?

It is not necessary, no – the body seems to re-establishes homeostasis pretty quickly after ceasing use of ActivaTe™. If it makes you feel better, however, you can taper down.

Q. Does ActivaTe™ loose effectiveness over time?

Nothing we have read indicates this to be the case, nor do any of the user reports suggest this to be the case. That said, we recommend cycle lengths of an ideal 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.

Q. Since SHBG governs estrogens also, does that mean ActivaTe™ will free up estrogen also? I don’t want to turn into a girl.

Yes, this is absolutely possible, although SHBG has a low affinity for estrogens than androgens like testosterone, so not much will be activated in that regard.

Q. What about aromatization?

Some of the testosterone activated by the product will undoubtedly be converted into estradiol (a type of estrogen). The effect will not be enough to give you a big butt or make you cry at Titanic, but to will be enough to confer the multitude of benefits associated with estrogens in non-excessive amounts.

Q. Estrogen has benefits?

Yep. Don’t be fooled, it is a double-edge sword in some scenarios – gynecomastia being the worst of men (apart from a full sex conversion), but in smaller concentrations it will boost cholesterol profiles, increase IGF-1 conversion in the liver, promote glycogen synthesis and help boost water retention in the muscle, giving a muscle expanding effect allowing you to lift more weight. Not only this, but it helps lubricate joints to help you lift the extra poundage.

Q. I’m still scared of estrogen. What do I do?

Run the NHA Stack™ and put all your fears to rest.

Q. What is this NHA Stack™ you keep going on about?

The combination of ActivaTe™ and Rebound XT™. There is an article detailing how to run it on the website.

Q. I feel warm about half an hour after taking my dose of ActivaTe™. What is causing that?

We expect this to be an inverse effect from binding SHBG. By lowering SHBG and raising free testosterone, we theorize that thyroid output is increased, causing the perceived rise in core temperature.

Q. So is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Tremendous. The activate thyroid hormone, t3, regulates protein synthesis. Too much leads to protein degradation and loss of muscle, but just enough can boost tissue building rates and lead to a very nice anabolic effect. So much so, that we fully expect this effect to play a large role the overall anabolic nature of the product.

Q. I’ve noticed some cool vascularity using ActivaTe™. What is causing this?

That will most likely be the nitric oxide (NO) boosting effect of Divanil™. This also plays a large role in the pumps during training reported by most.

Q. I have a medical condition. Will ActivaTe™ cause problems with any medication I am taking?

Always consult your doctor before using any new products.