Anyone use Redline
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Anyone use Redline

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A friend gave me a bunch of VPX Redline liquid caps. I did a search hear and didn't find any info about the stuff. I found the stuff for sale on the internet and I see it's sold as an energy rush "Fat Incinerator". I see it contains Yohimbine HCL. I didn't know what that was so I did a search and found it's an alkaloid found in some tree bark found in Africa. Then I read Yohimbine is used as an aphrodisiac!! How the hell dose this make me slim unless it makes me screw everything I see. I guess that would be a sweet way to get lean. 😀 Anyway if you have tried this stuff and you have an opinion and would like to share it I would like to hear it.

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Funny you ask this, I mentioned this product to TWO people today on separate occasions, just out of the blue.

Redline is a crazy product, but I miss their old more potent formula. I get the ready to drink bottles. Redbull has nothing on Redline.

My engery drink choice is Redline > Red Ripper > Rockstar > Redbull.

Lots of R drinks.


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I've used the Redline energy drinks many times. They are potent and certainly provided an energy burst. I stopped using them for a few reasons:
1) They gave me the shakes from hell.
2) They were pricey.
3) If I drank them on an even semi empty stomach they made me queasy.

Other than the above, they were great. I've searched for energy drinks that are effective and reasonable in price and have found some. I dont think anyone should have to pay over $1 for an energy drink.