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ASN Humagro

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hi, does anyone have any insight on ASN Humagro??

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This product uses the homeopathic version of human growth hormone -what does this mean? Homeopathic remedies are based on the idea of using diluted solutions of certain substances to treat ailments and conditions. These elements when used at full strength would cause the very symptoms they treat.

Advanced Sports Nutrition seeks to boost the bodies HG production by using this concept, however, they have very little experience in this area, which we found to be a bit disconcerting. Homeopathic medicine is a specialty that takes years to master and is not a system of medicine to be taken lightly.


Humagro may have been discontinued, however, the reasons it was discontinued were not disclosed. Nevertheless, prior to this development we were extremely doubtful that this product would generate immediate results in users. Homeopathic medicine is used by many individuals to treat a variety of ailments; however, it has not been proven to be able to help users lose weight. We believe that additional research needs to be conducted regarding this matter.