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gaspari super pump250 vs. noxplode???

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I have tried noxplode and it seems to work somewhat, but some guy in the gym, that competes, told my brother and i about it. My brother got some and has now been taking it for 2 weeks. He says he loves it because of the energy it gives him and the pumps. This seems to have more stimulats in it that are vaso constrictors, than vaso dilators. Question is has anyone personally compared the two??? Is L arginine alone better than this stuff??

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personelly i like no explode ,it seems to be the only no product that has some ass to it when it comes to pumps and energy ive tryed all of them and this seems to work great 3 scoops and all man what a pump .

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Take noxplode and some vanadyl sulfate.

If you can get past the splatters the VS is amazing

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I like the noxplode, taste and pump are good. Ive used it for some time now.