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I did this a while back, but thought I'd share my experience here. Log was done in October and uhockey selected me to test GXR. The final review is posted here

Glucophase XR
Final Review

  • Cycle = 09/28/05 - 10/24/05
  • Days = 26
  • Favorite GXR Combo = GXR with 200 mg caffeine, 25 mg ephedrine hcl, 1 cap Blaze
  • Least Favorite GXR Combo = GXR with caffeine, yohimbine hcl
  • Most Common GXR Combo = EC + GXR

Favorable Effects Noticed

  • Increased Definition
  • Stimulant potentiation.
  • Vascularity improvement
  • Less bloating effect
  • Better sleep quality (at times)
  • Slight pump increase
  • Increased Cardio output

Less Favorable Effects Noticed

  • Occasional fast blood sugar drops (was expected though)
  • Overstimulation when taken with yohimbine hcl
  • Drymouth

Final Product Thoughts

  • I will run down each effect with a sentence or two before giving a final summery


  • Increased Definition = I experienced a dryer, leaner look while taking GXR. I would wake up in the morning and see a little more detail in my abs, chest, intercostals, and serratus area then normal. I do not have any definition to speak of, but this seemed to dry me out a bit and GXR brought out shape and lines that I have not normally noticed
  • Stimulant Potentiation = I definitely noticed an enhancement of stimulant effects while taking GXR. My more favored stack was the EC/GXR combo and the energy, warmth and feeling hit me much faster and stronger, especially in the beginning of this cycle.
  • Vascularity improvement = This could also be grouped in with definition I suppose, but the veins in my forearms were really brought out while taking this product.
  • Less Bloating Effect = I honestly did not experience any bloating while on this product, even after a high carb/fat meal. I woke up in the morning tighter, and even several hours after a meal I didn't have a sluggish, fat feeling.
  • Better sleep quality = Believe it or not, the times that I took GXR before bed I actually slept a little sounder.
  • Slight pump increase = Arms were pumped a little more often then not while on this. I was using Green Bulge at this time as well so I can't say whether it was a result of one or the other, but I did only take GB on workout days and GXR everyday. On my off days (non GB) I still noticed increased pumps
  • Increased Cardio output = The times that I took my combo before cardio, my intensity increased and the exercise seemed to be easier than before. I had great energy and my stamina was unbelievable.


  • Occasional fast blood sugar drops = I expected this to happen from time to time, so this is really not a bad effect per say, but I did experience dizziness, and empty stomach at times, but nothing too extreme though.
  • Overstimulation when taken with yohimbine hcl = I just wouldn't recommend the product with CY. Yohimbine hcl does crazy things to some people, but historically I've been able to tolerate high dosages (5-7.5 mg a serving ). Combined with GXR though, it was too much and therefore I would be very cautious.
  • Drymouth = More so in the beginning but it seemed no matter how much water I drank, my thirst could not be quenched.

I want to thank Mike (uhockey) and Designer Supplements for allowing me to test this awesome product of theirs. This is a product I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to increase their cutting cycle and stimulant stack. I did not test many stimulants with this, but what I did test seemed to work great for me. This is a product that I would definitely purchase on my own many times over. I think DS should take extreme pride in knowing that this product is incredible.