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Lean Xtreme™ FAQ

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Lean Xtreme™ Q&A

(Q) Does Lean Xtreme™ need to be cycled?

(A) No, but like all supplements, we recommend you cycle in and out of use to maintain enzyme responsiveness and for general economical reasoning.

(Q) What is the recommended dosing for Lean Xtreme™?

(A) This is not something set in stone because 7-OH™, the active in Lean Xtreme™, affects some people more readily than others. For instance, some people may require 4-5 caps per day to get most benefit, whereas other may be overly sensitive and only require 2-3 caps per day. We generally recommend everyone using Lean Xtreme™ for the first time begin with 2-3 caps and increase or reduce dosing accordingly.

(Q) I’m using 4 caps of Lean Xtreme™ a day and I’m not noticing sore joints. Does this mean I’m a non-responder?

(A) Not at all. You must realise that you want the benefits of reduced cortisol, but not the side effects of such an environment. If you are experiencing sore joints and the like, then you’re taking too much Lean Xtreme™, so reduce your dosing accordingly. You want the positives, not the negatives.

(Q) What is a good protocol for Lean Xtreme™?

(A) As noted above, dosing may vary among individuals, so the following is a basic 3 caps per day layout:

• 1 cap upon waking
• 1 cap before training
• 1 cap before bed

Those who wish to bump dosing to 4-5 caps per day should make the morning dose 2 caps and/or the pre-training dose 2 caps.

(Q) I’m bulking. What benefit does Lean Xtreme™ have to offer? And what dosing protocol is relevant for me in this situation?

(A) As I’m sure you’ve already read the write-up available on the website, we’ll reiterate the benefits as cortisol control (and thus, muscle retention) and reduction is unwanted fat gain, given a well regulated diet. Normally during the bulking environment, cortisol is not considered an issue due to the net anabolic effect, however it can still be considered as a two steps forward, one step back approach. Making use of Lean Xtreme™ during bulking phases removes the one step back, allowing you progress at an accelerated rate.

Insulin, released by the body in response to carbohydrate and protein intake, is generally antagonistic with cortisol, so during bulking cortisol is less of an issue (as noted) so generally, we do not recommend the same dosing procedure. 1-2 caps per day – 1 upon waking and 1 before training – should prove to be an excellent tool during bulking season.

(Q) I've heard LX can affect your thyroid. How does it do this?

(A) Indirectly, through cortisol suppression, 7-OH™ can help re-establish typical levels of thyroid output.

Basically, when you diet (or you're under great stress/depression), your adrenal gland output reduces as your body shuts down systems in order to preserve your life (stimulant [ab]use can also exhaust the adrenals, as can the PCT environment when Testosterone levels are generally low). This effects thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and reduces thyroid output.

By inhibiting the enzyme that stimulates cortisol, you can counter this effect so thyroid output is resumed to normal levels.

(Q) Can I use Lean Xtreme™ during my post-cycle therapy (PCT) plan?

(A) You most certainly can and should. Coming off prohormones or androgens leaves your own testosterone production reduced (sometimes quite significantly), and during times of low testosterone, cortisol tends to run havoc so having an aid to help reduce this negative aspect would be ideal. Lean Xtreme™ stacks incredibly well with Rebound XT™ for a well-rounded PCT strategy.

(Q) Given that Lean Xtreme™ can raise thyroid levels, would Lean Xtreme™ during PCT (post-cycle therapy) for an ectomorph be a bad idea? Wouldn’t you want a reduced thyroid output if you’re having trouble maintaining your weight?

(A) Only if they're hyperthyroid. Basically, an ectomorph should get their cells to convince themselves that they are more endomorphic. This effect can be achieved via means of various supplements which goes beyond the scope of this Q&A.

(Q) Is it ok for women, particularly older women, to take this? Just asking because on the bottle I believe it says "not intended for women or children."

(A) There is indeed. This is because there are anti-estrogenic properties in 7-OH™ so it can effect menstrual cycles and birth control, so it’s a good idea for sexually-active women to use condoms.

Other than that, it is cool.

(Q) I have a medical condition, is it ok for me to use Lean Xtreme™?

(A) Always check with your GP/physician before using the product.