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Just saw this at BAC.. the ACE inhibito caught my eye:

NEW! NATTOKINASE powder @ >20,000FU/gram (200 x 36mg doses) 50 grams - 7.2g diluted in 42.8g inositol, $28.75, Code 779.0. NATTOKINASE (NK) is an isolated, purified, and Vit K free fibrinolytic enzyme extracted from a traditional fermented Japanese soy-cheese, Natto. Natto has long been used as a folk remedy for supporting improved circulation and for heart & vascular problems, with no reported toxicity in over 1000 years of use. In fact, modern studies show safety at 700 times normal dose! NK may be the strongest natural thrombolytic enzyme, closely resembling natural plasmin, supporting the body’s ability to break up and dissolve unhealthy coagulation and blood clots when taken orally in as little as 100mg/day. Also it is said to be a natural ACE inhibitor. Usual dose is 36-72mg (720-1440FU) with 8 oz water 2-3x/day, with or without food. NK is said to remain active for 8-12 hours. Check exciting specific info and endorsements by web-searching \"nattokinase\". Those who are taking anticoagulant drugs, have bleeding disorders, or are pregnant or lactating should not take NK unless under the supervision of a medical professional. Many are taking NK with arjuna, serrapeptase, bromelain, or Germanzyme, and arginine. Compare the price of our powder to capsules at $10-15 per gram.

So anyone know if this could be a cheap OTC alternative for perscription drugs?

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bump...Im interested in trying an ace inhibitor.

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I did a quick search and did not see anything related to ACE ihibition wit this coupound. There are a few herbals our there. One of them in my fat burner is a very very mild ace inhibitor. I was not even really going to talk about it in the write up because its so weak and there use is so theoretical but it is there.

cows milk also contains several ACE inhibitors.

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