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Girls in the Gym

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by:bryan Kenny

To start off I apologize in advance for any comments that may seem sexist and this article is mostly just my opinion and what I've notice about girls in the gym.
Just recently I convinced a few of my female friends to come to the gym after school, just looking at their reactions to all these massive guys and other die hard athletes helped inspire me to write this article. They looked a little scared, I could relate though, the very first time I went in those guys were intimidating, but I persevered and now I'm just as intimidating as those guys. My friends won't admit it, but I could tell that they were a little uneasy about being there. They didn't seem to know what to do or why they were there, They either sat on the bikes and pedal the whole time or follow me around and do what I was doing, just not as intense. I came to the ultimate conclusion that the average girl is afraid to sweat. I told them that sweating is good, because it literally shows how hard you've been working. So afterwards they're a little tired and out of breath and I'm soaked in my own sweat and can barely move.

With this article I'm hoping to encourage more girls to train hard and to get over this odd fear of sweating. Sure I owe this article to my friends, but I also owe it to this girl that emailed me and told me that she read my articles, she asked m how long it would take for her to get a six pack. I told her something along the lines of that there is no set time, its all a matter of how hard you train and how often. I cant think of one girl that doesn't like something about the way she looks, its usually either their chest, ass, or stomach. But girl don't like to sweat so they try to steer clear of fancy machines and hard work, they know the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet, but they just don't like to take all the steps to get there. So they don't go to the gym and they sit at home watching some shitty soap opera and eating Bon Bons. Or they'll think that eating less is the key to becoming what they consider sexy. So they stop eating and develop eating disorders or start crash dieting.

Girls please if you really want to change your body listen you must treat your body well so it will treat you well. If you genuinely care for your body then you should:

1) Eat a well balanced diet.
2) Exercise regularly and be are to include both cardio and weight training.
3) Remember that the mirror can be you best friend or your worst's up to you.

Here I'll take you through step by step and get you on your way to a better body.


If you know its not good for you then don't eat it.
If you don't know if its good for you then read the nutrition info on the package, if you are still unsure than trust you gut instinct.
Ignore all cravings for junk food (i.e. chocolate, ice cream)
Be sure to get enough food through the day, eat 4-6 times a day to keep you metabolism working
Consult your doctor for further help.
Don't rely solely on cardio to reduce fat, you need to train with weights (not a dinky 10-pounder, pick up something heavy)
With weights use proper form
Create a workout program, read my other article "Creating the Perfect workout Program"
Be patient your body will change, but not over night.
Sure mirror are great, but if you are or think you are a little chunky, then the mirror can just bury your self-esteem like a rotting corpse.

-Instead of always looking in the mirror all the time, invest in a Polaroid camera, and take pictures of yourself every week or so, and watch how quickly your body changes.

And always remember the wise words of the great Yoda "Do or Do Not, there is no try" So if you're going to change your lifestyle and your body, do it properly.