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1st VAR cycle

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History: I’ve been training for 5+ years, seriously & consistently. I’m around 14% bf and 127-128 lbs at 5’. My workouts vary depending on needed rest/recovery but on average I train 5 days with 2 days rest. In 5 days, I train, legs & calves on day 1; back with lower back & abs on day 2; chest on day 3; shoulders on day 4; and arms on day 5. And as I stated previously, I fit in rest/recovery time when sore muscles could compromise the intensity of the next workout.

Game plan: 10 mg daily of Var for 10 weeks, taper off the last 2 weeks at 5 mg daily.

Questions: Other than Milk Thistle for liver protection, is there any other supplement I should be looking at adding?

Goal: I am considering, very seriously, doing a body building competition this summer/late summer and what to plan the cycle around that. Suggestions welcome!!!

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You should really consider ramping up instead of just going 10mg right from the start. You never know how your body will react.

I'd consider a form of ALA as well as the liver protection.

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NAC is an extremely good, yet inexpensive, protectant.

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