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Whats the deal with steroids and acne? How many users actually suffer with bad spots when on gear? Most of the people i know who juice dont really suffer, no more than the average person. And you dont see many of the pros with a face full of spots. And yet in any book, magazine or website review acne is listed as a primary side effect. any thoughts?

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It is a side effect brotha - but most pro's know how to counter it. I do see kids in the gym with there backs all blotted up. These are the sam kids that sit there at talk about water weight and rage in front of strangers so you know they are using. I am not acne prone at all. After football in HS I never got acne. I have only run 3 solid sycles so far, but I never broke out. I do natural therapy though (it helps when you can't sleep). Steam room - pool - Hot Tub! 2-3 weeks post cycle I get the annoying red acne marks on mu outer biceps and delts, but that's it.
It is a side effect, don't be fooled - like everything-we all react differently and there are certain ways to contorl it.


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YoungGun is right, some are prone to it and some are not. One thing I have noticed is that the acne tends to be more prevalent on younger users. Those in there 20's seem to get more acne than older users.

Take a couple of showers during the day, supplement with Vitamin B5, and drink plenty of water..........this will HELP minimize acne while on a cycle.

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I usually have great skin while on, but then later, like younggun mentioned, I get acne...Theres some stuff I got that works AMAZINGLY WELL.

Its a set of stuff, but you gotta be dedicated to use this stuff cause it takes some work to keep it up...
Its called Out patient Therapy by n.v. Perricone, m.d.
Hes the most well known dermentologist-sp? in the world with tons of books on the subject.

Basically, they send you a small box of packets which contain various supplements like ALA, DMAE, Chromium, Zinc, Calcium-Magnesium + Vitamin D, Tocospan, Full spectrum vitamin E, ascorbyl Palmitate (vitamin c estrfied), borage oil (high GLA supplement), and B-Complex + C.
A total of 8 pills which you take in the morning.

When you take a shower, which should be 3 times a day (morning, after work/workout, night) you use a special cleanser which they give you.

After then shower you wipe your skin with special toner pads and then you put an acne cream on it.

Im telling you this cause I have tried almost everything out there, from minocycline, to tricycline (never wanted Accutane cause it causes depression for some)...tried all the over the counter stuff like natures cure (sucked)...ProActive (decent but not that great) and noxima (which actually makes me break out)...

Anyways, its kind of expensive, but so is the food you eat and the stuff you take to make you look your best, right? Skins no exception....

And get plenty of sun....and use non-clogging lotion (after sun tanning, wash it off good...itll clog your pores anyways)...

The website is

Hope it helps,
Happy Lifting!

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All those things might work but comming from a guy that has had acne since 6th grade, i know what works and what doesnt. it just started to go away my final year in high school. it was no cleansers or special oils & creams, i even had shots in my face from a dermo, but the thing that did it was drinkin about a gallon of h20 a day and always keepin clean and that was about it also tryin to get out n the sun alot more. and while i was on some shit i never really sufferd from acne, which i was really scared of it commin back. i think most kids who do get acne while on some roids is that they think there all pumped up now and they just let them selves go thinkin the roids will just keep things balanced. just my opinion.

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I like tanning and B-5 along with pantethine.

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I'm over 30 and it f---s my back up and side delts as well. I have always been acne prone anyway. I tried the b-5 and it works.

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3 showers a day works for me on a heavy cycle