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arimidex antiestrogen

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im ordering some Arimidex tabs to go along with my next cycle, ive heard that you can take these during your cycle without limiting your gains.....and not having to worry about this too good to be true
have any of you used this and if so is this any good.

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Yes and no.........

IMHO, bloat from Dbol etc. is helpful in building mass as it helps to stretch out the muscle "bellies".....

Arimi. will prevent conversion to estrogen, where as nolva is a weak estrogen that binds to the receptor, blocking the stronger estrogen from binding. If you want an anti-e, arim. is the better of the two...... But you pay for it too!

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I used arimidex throught my cycle and it helped with the water retention alot.
I didn't start it until I was almost finished my D-bol though. Just trying an experiment kind of to see if I will notice any different effects next time that I do D-bol and use the arimidex with it.
Depending on how hard your cycle is .25 to .50 mg's ED or EOD is usually enough with arimidex.
I used .25 EOD, but I am not prone to gyno.