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back from injury cycle

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What do you guys think is a good back from and injury cycle to get back to where you were. ( As far as strenght and weight) Have done a few cycles never to harsh 500- 750 mg of test a week with a little D Bol, primo, the pretty basic cycles. Had a shoulder injury that has not let me lift heavy for about 8 months now. Have been trying to lift heavy now and can not find the intensity I had or the self motivation. Thinking it is because having to be careful for 8 months has drained me from my drive to hit the weights like there is no tomorrow. Just wanted some advice on what you guys think would get the fire back under me. Was thinking ...

500mg sust wk
25-35 D bol a day
ending with some winny

I hold water weight like a whale when I touch D Bol so that is why I try to keep the dose a little low there.
Haven't thought about length of cycle or to much else just want to make sure I don't go to much at first so that I don't re injure myself. ( I must be a little gun shy to put some weight on the bar)

Anyway thanks for the advice in advance

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you could do that cycle, but I think I'd add some deca in there (300 or 400 mgs a week) to help with the joints. nolva and clomid too.

be real careful with that shoulder, so you dont get too aggressive and re-injure it. I wouldnt start any kind of cycle untill you get it up and running 100% thou. maybe even consider waiting for a little while and getting a good 6 months of natural training on it, before getting back to the gear.