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bicep injections how do you do them

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where do you inject it im taking sustonon 250 2 amps location of shot would help or picture thanx

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First of all, why would you even want to inject into the biceps??????? Not only is a normal injection going to hurt like a bitch, but SUST!!! Damn, you are one brave man.
T-Spine made a great point on this before, but I'll tell you what I know about this. First of all, the only AAS's that should be used for site injections are water based ones like winny and Suspension. I read a huge artice in musclemag about site injections. #1--There is no scientific proof they actually work.
#2---The only ones that would make any sense to use are water based AAS's because of the ester involved or should I say lack there of. Water based steriods "bind" to the receptors faster since the ester is rid of quickly and better absorbed into the muscle, where as Sust. takes 4-5weeks to get rid of the ester to release the testosterone. The real science would be better explained by someone else because right now the good 'ol memory is failing me. Run a search, this was talked about in depth recently.
To answer your question....without a doubt you would be wasting your time injecting Sustonon in your biceps. The only possible reason for them looking larger than your other bodyparts would be inflamation from the injection. One more thing, if I were you I'd be shitting myself about hitting a nerve or vein in my bicep. I'm not flamin' ya at all, I personally wouldn't inject anything in my biceps.
Stick to the glutes or even the quads. Thats my opinion.
Good luck and take care.


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I know I'm going against logic and science but I've experimented with site injections in my biceps and delts in my last 2 cycles and I have no doubt that they work. On my first cycle, I used primarily sust250 and deca(with a little fina added at the end). On my second cycle, I used homemade fina and Test Prop. Believe it or not, I think the deca/sust 250 was a little more effective but the difference was negligable. The fina/test prop shots are quite painful(translation: They hurt like a BITCH!). I started at 1cc per shot and worked up to 1 1/2 ccs in the biceps and 2ccs in the delts. The downside was that I had to do a shot every day. My biceps and triceps improved greatly in size. shape, and hardness(and they're my weak points) but where the site injections worked best was in my delts. They rounded out a-la- Gary Strydom. People at the gym kept commenting about how "freaky" my rear delts looked(and I only shot in the side delt). As for where to shoot in the biceps: Shoot in your peak(towards the upper biceps). Hitting a vein sucks but it really doesn't happen very often. The shot itself isn't very painful but your biceps will get very sore so don't even attempt to put 3ccs in your arm. Delt shots are easier and less painful than leg shots. Of course all of this is just my opinion.:cool:

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i use my delts also...always have great results...never tried test in my delt only deca, eq, primo, and winstrol...test was in the glutes...

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Hey bro....heres my .02 worth. I have done many tricep/bicep injections. I would stick to using only Suspension or winstrol for SITE injections. Almost all other AAS needs to be burned off by the body first so its a waste of time and PAIN for site injections. I think the best for site injections is winny. But some may disagree. About your bis, I relax my arm in its extended position, and than I stick the pin in just to the inside (left) of the big vien that runs straight up my bicep and about 1 1/2 -2 inches up from my forearm. I push the pin in about 3/4inch and slowly, real slowly inject. Just following the injection, I go work out my arms and do some simple stretches. The pain is minor, and gives a hell of a pump all the time. The swelling my increase a small bit of size but will sustain after swelling goes down. You can give it a shot but be careful. Good luck