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Help Please !!!!!!!!

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Ok Im going to be doing a cycle soon and its going to be a mass cycle part of the cycle will be some sort of TEST, I can get just about any test from any company, I don't want to use test-400 or sustanon-250 . So my question is what is a good company that makes a good product I would like to do somec cypionate or enanthate, these are a few of the companys Im thinking about .

2)Quality Vet
3) Loeffler
4) tronel
Any feed back on these companys and there test would be great. Thanks for the help guys.

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I'm a fan of blended tests, so I'm curious why you specifically dont want to use sustenon?

also, its ok to use the products from the reputable companies. just make sure you are getting them from a trusted source to make sure they arent counterfit.