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Clomid affect sex drive?

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Im 20 and just finished my first cycle of 400 deca and 400 test two weeks ago, and am finishing my 2 week clomid treatment this week. During the cycle I had constent sex drive (cuz of the test no doubt), but now that Im off and on clomid I have noticed it decrease drastically. Like way worse than it was before the cycle. Is this normal?, and if so how long usually before it comes back? I do have some viagra that I use when I need to but its hasslesome to rely on it because you have to wait for it to kick in. Thanks

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A lot of info left out in this post but most likely you are either not proper dosing the clomid and should added HCG, the clomid is bogus, or you are just having a reaction to the deca (so named deca dick) which will cure itself on it's own. Brother that is one of the bad side effects of deca, the limp dick syndrome. I don't use deca anymore for a couple of reasons that being one of them. Not everbody suffers from the deca phenomenon but it appears that you do.

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Yes, obviously your sex drive will decrease post cycle.... You shut your nuts down by flooding your system with test and deca... It's not like there is a simple switch to just turn production back on full bore..... It's going to take them a while to stabilize you HPTA...... People don't seem to grasp that you are playing with your hormonal balances and there are many more feedback loops and things involved... It's not a simple process..... Expect it to take a while for your natural test production to get completely back to normal.......

Yes, HCG would have been good. Mid cycle, then at the end before the clomid

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Wel i had the same problem ..I always use hcg only and it works fine but i heard all u guys talkk about clomid so i though i give that a try for ones and bam no more sex drive after one week on clomid and 2 weeks after it came back again.
While on hcg i never had a problem or sex drive crash after treatment.

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