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Cycle Opinion Please Bros

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I've decided to cheer myself up and splash out of a 10 week mass cycle. Let me know what you guys think.

- 1g Test Viron PW (1-10)
- 400mg deca PW (1-10)
- 75mg trenbolone acetate ED (1-10)
- 4iu Genotropin (pre workout 4x a week for 9wk)
- arimedex during cycle
- HCG/clomid post cycle

Cheers bros

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kinda stout. hope you are pretty big and have at least 4 or 5 cycles under your belt.

my only thought, is that I wouldnt run the tren the whole time. no more than 6 weeks. dunno about the G either. but that's just me.

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I'm with TG...... That's a lot of gear......

Running Genotropin? What time do you work out. IF at night, don't inject before your workout.... Inject am and lunch time. Your own natural output is highest during sleep, so you want to maximize your levels all day......

Also, where's your t3? GH "therapy" inhibits thyroid output.....

Where's your slin or glucophage to counteract the negative effect of GH on your slin levels?

With that much gear, I'd hit up the hcg at week 5 too.