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D-bol question?

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Ive been told some conflicting stories about how to take D-bol. Some people have told me it is best to take it with food because since it is fast acting and short lived that you should have protein and carbs in your system as you take it. Ive always believed that it should be taken on a semi-empty stomach( when you eat six or seven times a day its never empty)but Id like to here your guys info. Oh, to all you Patriots fans, piss off!!!! Do's it sound like Im a little bitter about todays game?

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I usually take them with food cause they make my tummy upset....

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just do what works best for you! you can always take them just before your next meal and as you you said this could be as your stomach is semi-empty.

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it realy doesnt matter bro, just make sure you spread the does out 3 times a day, with the 5mg tabs or if you get the 50mg tabs from Dragon Pharma then of course divide those up accordingly.