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dnp and clen.

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can you stack dnp with clen. im also using winstrol right know as i start the dnp cycle

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You talked about DNP and clen in another post and it was suggested that you leave it alone. But hey if ya want to stack it and ignore the suggestion, then that is entirely up to you my friend. If you do, then you better start using that search button alot and read about each one and know them inside and out.

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Eugene: I have been reading through all of your previous threads, you claim that you have been using gear for 2 years?? Did you ever research what you were using before you used it, and when we say AAS we don't mean them crap cycles you can buy from GNC.

Now you also claim that you are 243lbs solid, now what the hell would you even want to run DNP for?? If you are solid and want to lean up more step on a treadmill, but you should know that you are a "Certified Trainer", and "You know your shit", so might I suggest you post up your previous cycles, your diet, your training regimine, and your goals.

You are going to cause some serious harm running the compounds you are suggesting to run, and with the limited amount of knowledge you have you are going to hurt yourself. DNP is not something you just take, there is a lot of information that needs to be thought through first. I have personally researched DNP for appx. 4-5 months and still have not even scratched the barrel.

Just looking out for your best interest bro. 🙂

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I wouldnt, dnp is strong enough on its own

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If I was to run dnp it would be by itself while I spent the whole time in an air conditioned room, a dnp vacation haha.


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Eugene225, be careful. DNP is a serious compound. You can F**k yourself up. It only takes one mistake to mess things up for yourself. Spend a little time RESEARCHING.

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Research it alot. It is serious shit and does not need to be added with any other fat burners.