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It has been 7 days since I have been on a dnp cylce. I had awsome results. I did a 7 day cycle and lost 10 lbs. I did not even diet that clean. During my time off I did not diet clean at all. I feel like I wasted it. I haven't gained any weighted back yet but I feel it coming. The first go around I ran the powder at 400mgs for 3 days, 600 mgs for 2, and 800 mgs for the final 2. I was wandering if you guys think it is ok to go ahead and hit another 7 day run at it even if it has only been 7 days that I have been off. Or has anybody ever tried it at 200mgs a day for say 30 days or longer. And if you have how did you like your results.

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yeah , i am also curious about this?
what are the side affects of dnp?
can you hold off the weight afterwards or will it always come back? cheers.

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i've never used DNP before, but your first cycle was the highest dosage i've ever heard anyone use for DNP... your lucky you didnt' cook yourself from the inside.

DNP tends to build up in your system, so theres no telling exactly how much was in your body on that last day...

as for using 200mgs/day for 30 days, i wouldn't recommend it.

some of the other guys on the board can probably give you some better advice for DNP usage, but DNP is very dangerous if not used correctly. i hope you know exactly what you are doing

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I have used DNP at up to 800 mg's per day and would not do so again. I am a big guy but side effects were just too brutal for me. Keep in mind that DNP has a half life of about three days, so when you injest 800 mg's in a day, you may have up to three times that amount in your system on the third day at that level of use. Since the LD50 (the dose which will kill 50% of the population) is only 4 times the therapeutic level, I would not suggest that you use anywhere near this amount of DNP at any give time.

If you are going to use DNP, which I would never recommend that anyone ever do, then I would suggest that you start at 200 mg / day. You can increase your dose by 200 mg's every three - four days until you reach your max dose level. You will know when you reach that because you will be so sick that you can't stand it. Back off by 200 mg's and go from there. It is not necessary to pyramid DNP down at the end of the cycle. It does tend to depress T-3 levels over time, so it often helps to supplement DNP use with a lose dose of T-3 beginning in the second week of usage.

BTW, do not use DNP with a low carb diet. DNP needs carbs to be fully effective. This does not mean to eat a bunch of crap, but maintain a good balance of carbs, proteins and fats while using it. In addition, drink a lot of water while on DNP or you will get dehydrated. If you normally drink a gallon a day, try drinking two while on it. Your body will thank you for it.

I would not use DNP for more than two weeks and I would take at least a one month break between cycles. Keep in mind that it takes three days just to clear the system once you stop taking it. Let your body adjust, regain its normal T-3 production and then if you really want to do it again, then start the cycle over.

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You may not be aware of this but last fall a 20 yr old died from using DNP...I'm sure he was using too HGH of a dose...and not taking the proper answr your question

NO you cannot do it for 3 days at 200mg pr should've seen some additional weight come off from water retention while on the dnp.....once off for a week....

it is a very harsh way to lose weight.....and it takes it's your skin, hair for starters......

Please stay safe



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i agree with Flex and Cutie...

DNP is no joke...although it may work well, you have to be careful when using it

speaking from personal experience with DNP, i used 200mg per day for about a week and saw good results...i did get a lot of the typical sides, but i saw good results.