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eq/test first cycle

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is this a good first cycle

week 1-10 400mg of test 200mg of EQ and Nolvadex along with clomid for post cycle

what kind of result would i get from this? for a 20yr 5'9 205

should any thing be added ??

thanx for you input:D

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if this is your first cycle you should grow like a fucking weekd on this as long as your diet, training and rest is on point. You are still quite young, but if you wanna do it, then those doseages are good. you could maybe bump the EQ to 300 per week, but what you originally had down will easily put on 20lbs if everything is done right.

Clomid post cycle


PS - I wish I could have my first cycle back to do overagain.

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what should my diet look like while iam on this cycle right know its alot of chicken & white rice and what should my work out plan be like ?

right know its

mon chest & bi's
tues legs
wed shoulders
thurs back
fri chest
sat legs
sun cardio

if some one can add any improvements or any changes please list thanx 😀 😀 😀

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I've been in the game a long time and competing in BB shows. Chicken and rice is good for dieting down, but I would not suggest it for adding mass. It's definitely good for ya don't get me wrong and will build muscle, but I would go with something more fun like I love it. I would personally up the calories much more and take in a lot of carbs. I don't watch my BF too much in the offseason, but maybe thats something you're more concerned with. Where I live its only hot about 5 months out of the year so I don't get concerned about it. I would suggest getting a quality protein shake to supplement your diet. And that doesn't mean spending $40 for Designer and getting only about 13 servings. PROTEIN IS PROTEIN IS PROTEIN. Just remember that because people get ripped off all the time and think because Designer is so damn expensive that its a miracle protein...not true. I just bought some N-Large by ProLab. The shit is decent tasting....has 750 calories per serving...80 grams of carbs... and 52 grams of protein, plus amino acids. By the way you get 29 servings for about $50. If you don't want to take in a lot of calories then go to GNC and buy the cheapest whey protein that gives you the most servings.
Training: Why do you do chest twice a week? When do you work your triceps? This is what I do and I'm not saying its the only way, but it works well for me.
Monday- Chest Tuesday- Shoulders Wednesday-Back
Thursday-Legs Friday- Bi's, Tri's, Forearms
Sat. and Sunday--Rest
Here's the strategy: Chest uses the shoulders A LOT to push I do chest first. Shoulders and Back just follow.
Thursday is legs day and gives me a break from upper body work. Keep in mind "LEGS" means about a 2 hour marathon to the point of barely being able to walk for 3 days hitting quads, calves, and hammy's. I usually do 15 sets of quads(heavy and to the point of being ready to puke) which is 3 exercises, 5 sets of 8-12 reps. I always finish with leg extensions to burn it out and two "mass builders" like squats and leg press beforehand. I do 20-25 sets for calves (trying to bring them up a little) and 15 sets for hammy's which consist of leg curls and staight legged deadlifts. Anyways, Friday is arms day because you NEED your arms for every other bodypart during the week. So by the time you start the next week everything is ready to rock and roll and fresh. One more thing, if you are one to get lazy with workouts all you have to remember is after Friday you have the weekend off and don't really even have to go to the gym. I'm not saying you are like this, but it is one more perk for someone who is.
You should be able to add 20lbs if you eat alot and train hard. These are just suggestions. Good luck bro.


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thanx jack for you advice ill follow it and train hard i have a ??
Ill be done with this cycle in april and in june i goto boot camp for the marines what should i do for the two months in bettween to keep the gains ???
and do you think ill loose all my gains in boot camp???

thanx again guys for you advise :D:D 😀