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hey bros i was running through some older posts and found one that said it was a good idea to use Arimidex while on your cycle and then to start poppin the clomid afterwards
i'm going to be running
sust at 600mg/wk
deca 500mg/wk
EQ 400mg/wk
Dbol 40mg/dawk1-4
for 10wks and then
clomid 100mg wk1
50mgwk2 and 3

i also read that it might be a good idea to start clomid around wk 5 at 50 mgday and continue it through wk13

should i even consider using an inhibitor like arim. during my cycle and if you have any suggestions on the cycle feel free to tell me what i f*cked up on. i'm 5"11 165lbs about 10%bf i've done two previouus cycles this will be my first in awhile

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hey bro

I would probably run arimidex when taking the dbol at least. .25mg per day will keep some of the excess water off, and prevent gyno. Then, I would only run it if you felt symptoms of gyno starting. ..unless you can afford to run it all cycle, and if thats the case, then by all means do. At those levels you have a good chance of seeing some of your predisposed to it.

Also, make sure you do not take your clomid right after. Take it 3 weeks after your last shot of sus. Take 300mg the first day, then 100mg/day for 1 week, then 50mg/day for the next two weeks.


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thanks bro i'll see what my wallet can afford but i've never had problems with gyno , so hopefully i'm good to go

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If it is, then that is WAY TOO MUCH GEAR..... Your body will not even have enough receptors to handle it, and it will convert and you'll probably end up with more sides than benfits......

Why are you running deca and eq together? They are pretty close structurally. I'd run one or the other....

There is no need to run 1 gram a week for a first or second cycle, never mind 1.75 grams......