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For Anyone Who Has Cut With Androl...

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I have some questions:

How much do you take per day?

How long do you run it?
Do you take an AI while on it?

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i never had a cut with drols... but if you want to do it have 20mg of nolva+ 50mg of captopril on hand ED and there should be no problemas with bloating. a AI will have no effect.

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take it for 4 weeks. Start with 50mg daily for the first 2 weeks and up it to 100mg daily for the last 2 weeks. You can run it for 6 weeks, but it's pretty harsh on your liver. I have ran it that long before, but I made sure I took NAC and Milk Thistle and I came out fine with my blood work. Keep your diet in check if you decide to run this and be prepared for a little aggressiveness, acne and anxiety. (those were my sides, at least)

NOTE- This is what worked for me, what works for one person, might not work for another. Just trial and error it, start at 50mg and if that seems ok the first 2 weeks, then up it, if upping it becomes a problem, just come back down to the initial dose. I did take Nolva just a little bit while on, but I switched over to Letro. With Letro, I started with 2.5mg ED for 2 weeks and then 1.25mgs for 2 more weeks. I was perfect.

Hope it helps.

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diet for sure
I'd be conscious of salt intake, but that's just me!