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Injection Bubble Procedure

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Sup everyone!
I gotta question about injecting sustanon-250...
Well when you do it, you suck the solution into the syringe...
then tap it until all the bubbles go away, but here is the thing...
There is a air bubble in between the needle and i tapped the crap out of it and squirted a lot of liquid out but it didnt this air pockey supposed to be there?

the bubble is right above the * (may not show like it does on my screen, but its at the end of the tube where the needle meets.

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sometimes there's a little bubble there.I find if I'm holding the needle straight up and down when forcing out the air it usually gets rid of the bubles. if it's just a tiny bubble I wouldn't worry just make sure to pull back on the plunger once incerted to check for blood as long as no blood enteres into the syringe when u draw back then your good to go.

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brad's right.

if you are holding the syringe straight up and down, the bubble should go out of the tube. I've never seen it not. if you are holding it at an angle, the juice will flow around it and out of the needle.

maybe you're getting a leak cuz the needles not twisted on to the syringe good enough?

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Right on with the answers.... Anothe possiblility is that you have really cheap, poor quality pins.....

Also, that is a good reason to be sure to aspirate... If you inject a tiny air bubble into muscle, you will likely not have any noticeable problems. If you inject into an artery, you are screwed.