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Is A Clean Tren Solution Even Possible?

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Sorry to start two threads at once but I searched all I could and was not able to find an answer anywhere, so I am hoping that someone can clarify this for me and others...

In a post at -look at page 3- I found the followig comment

"Trenbelone is the most used and abused AAS in the US today.
Why? because the availability of pellets and these "kits".
Every kid and his brother not conected with regular AAS supplies or sources have access to this "wonder drug"and will eat it, snort it, rub it, and shoot it.

The kits produce a clean but yet dirty product for the body. Clean as it may be bacteria free but contain clean contaminants or irritants.

A. Way too much solvent is used for the body to appropriately handle safely. Most kits are a combo of BA and BB and require 10 mls for 4 grams. There is no magic solution-solvents are solvents and cause discomfort-some more than others. Solvents are about the only thing AAS are soluable in besides oil-which we know has minimal toxicity.

Now here is the part most will disagree with.
These kits produce about 50-70% of the dose they say they do.
Most kits would test out at 35-60 mg per ml if that. I was going to get my vet to make some and test it through San Raf, but there was/is not much support nor do I care to use these anyway anymore.
And plus people would scream BIAS if I was involved in anyway because the magic solvents have been exposed a while ago.

Why less than dose per ml than advertised or promised?
Because 10 mls solvent is not enough to extract 4 grams of hormone from the pressed cellulose acetate in the pellets to which the tren is bound to.

An informal study was done years ago looking at the various solvents used to extract tren from pellets and their yield.

Each experiment was performed twice and using 2 grams pellets in 100 mls solvent coffee filtered and allowed to evap with the tren powder recovered and weighed.
1. Ether-yielded 1.86 grams
2. Methanol yielded 1.74 Grams
3 Acetone yielded 1.64 grams
BA BB was not done because of the very high evaporation points.

So someone explain to me how 10 mls of solvent will yield 100% extraction and no cellulose will be in the end product?

Kits produce a very allergic, toxic product in their own even though sterile filtered and baked.

Three toxic products from the kit that make it through the filter are the solvent, the partially dissolved Cellulose acetate, the oil and the trenbelone mix itself.

These toxic products in the tren produce unflattering reactions in the body itself amplifying the already irritating effect of the trenbelone itself."

Now, my question is: Are all Tren products -Tren A ce Tren E etc- derived from FINA pellets, even if you get a liquid Tren ace from a reputable source? I thinks this may be the case because the source where I located Tren Ace lists the produc as: FINAPLEX, trenbolone acetate.... and this is a good source
This makes me think that all such products are simply extracted from FINAPLIX pellets, which means that they all would be unpure.

If that is the case, would a transdermal product be better? Would all of these impurities that are mentioned above -including cellulose- be absorbed into the bloodstream from the transdermal application?

Are we simply wasting our time here discussing all the side effects of trenbolone when in fact the sides may simply be due to injecting garbage into our bodies?

And most important of all, what the heck is exactly in those pellets? I was at the manufacturers web site for a list of all ingredients but couldn't find anything...

If someone can help, pls speak out.

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Intersting. I personally don't agree with all of it, as I take everything I read with a grain of salt. Furthermore, it ways that the study was performed some years ago. Well, I'm sure people have learned from their mistakes in the chemical process of making compounds.

There is a hype going on right now about how UGLs are so poor and dirty, so now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Not every UGL does not comform to the highest standards expected by a pharmaceutical company. So I'd believe a little less of the hype, and go for results. If you're shooting dirty Tren or if it's severely underdosed, you would know it I would think. If not, thne I'm sure tests can be performed by your doctor to see what's floating around in your system.

I know that with the Tren I shoot, if it's underdosed, than that is fine by me, because I would hate to see it at a stronger level.

Good post nevertheless. It is important to get people out there thinking about what they are shooting into their bodies, and with so many "fly-by-night" operations popping up all over the Internet, anyone can make, distribute and markey their own "bathroom brew".

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Almost all UGL's make their tren from bulk (chinese) powder. The good (or not terrible) ones get it tested before cooking and adjust according to purity.

I doubt any lab would bother with cooking from pellets at the scale they are working at. Also, the pellets would onyl yield tren-a as far as I know so tren-e would have to come from a powder.

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I make my own stuff.....make it from powders, much easier than doing it with those pellets.