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is cytomel safe?

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I'm putting my next cycle together, so far I 'plan' to use
winni depot, Anavar, and clen(alternating with ECA)
but I also think in throw some CYTOMEL, is this product safe? it won't "kill" my thiroid gland?
yeah i know is not a 'mass builder' cycle but a 'performance' one for weight division sports (fighting)
I would run this for six weeks (cytomel only for 3)
opinions please

Chest Rockwell
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Personally, I wouldn't use t3 unless I was getting ready for a show and I was having real trouble shedding the fat. I used it once before and I believe it took too much muscle along with the fat. If you're trying to get lean, even very lean, just stick to the other goodies you have. I might look into some fina if I was you to add to that as well. Good luck.

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Cytomel is T3, and you can f' yourself up if you don't use it properly. You can shut down your thyroid and need t3 permanently..... Like anything, moderation, research and knowing your body are key. And yes it can break down muscle and bone....