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Liquid Nolvadex.....oral use only!

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Just recently I wanted to see whats the max dose of Tamoxifen aka Nolvadex I can get into solution for oral consumption. I picked up a bottle of Everclear, yeah the 190 poof grain alcohol for this experiment.

I had 1g of powdered nolva to use for this experiment, thats 1,000mg.
I tried making a solution of 100mg per ml so I put my hormone powder in a beaker and added 9mls of Everclear, remember, you have to substract the weight of the hormone to the final solution.

I placed the beaker in a pan on the stove with water, the water in the pan had been boiling already so there was no reason to wait. I left the beaker in the pan for a few seconds, removed it and swirled so the hormone could bind up with the solution.........this didnt work. Only half of the hormone was fused with the liquid.

Decided to try the make the solution at 75mg/ml so I added 3mls more of Everclear.....not much of the remaining powder got absorbed. At this point it was obvious that the max dose I'd be able to suspend was 50mg/ml......I added 7ml of Everclear, heated the solution and swriled......Eureka!!

So in order to make 50mg/ml of Nolvadex for oral consumption, you'll need:

1g of powdered Nolvadex or Tamoxifen
19ml of Everclear or grain alcohol

Combine, heat, and swirl.
It tastes like shit but its really easy to do and so cheap to buy, next project will be to make this liquid orals better tasting, stay tuned.

Note: make sure your put the final solution in a container that has a lid or a cap......the everclear will evaporate if left open.

'Cardi rocks da party!!!

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freakin street pharmacist!

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freakin street pharmacist!
LMAO! No shit!
Cardi, mix it with some fruit punch for a better taste. This way you'll get drunk and get your pct at the same time. 😀