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Omnadren and Primobolan cycle advice????

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Im 36. My first cycle was Dbol for 4 weeks with sust 250 twice/week starting in week 4 for 6 more weeks. I gained about 20 lbs and my max bench reached around 315. It's been 3 months and Ive kept almost all the strength gains by staying in the gym. Max bench is 300 and Im about 197lbs currently. I have access to omnadren and primobolan. For my second cycle I was thinking of 10 weeks on the omnadren 250 once/week and running the primobolan once a week for 5 weeks begining in week 3. I would inject the primo on a diffrent day as the omnadren. Then 30 days clomid. I have the nolvedex just in case.


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Bro ,in your first cycle you shoukld have run the test since week 1 but with that done now you should run the omnadren at 500 mgs a week and the primobolan should be kept @300-400 a week to get anything out of it .Now primobolan is kind of expensive so maybe try going with some deca instead and throw in some d-bol in the beginning if you can get it . Any other bros have any different ideas ?

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good advice from fina44...the primo is pretty good but i like the deca/dbol suggestion...your cycle is also underdosed...go with fina's advice...the primo is very light and it has to be run at 300-400 to see any gains...anything less with the primo is not really worth it...