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quality vet or loeffler

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Im looking to get some test and not test-400 which of these companys is better? Thanks or is brovel better?

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I agree with Adrenaline on staying away form brovel, even though some people love it, it's definitely underdosed!, as for it being dirty, I think all mexican gear is pretty much the same quality, except for a few good ones! As for the quality vet, I'm not to familiar with that brand??, and as for the loeffler, many people love there products and others don't?? (your call?)

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i agree about the Brovel products...underdosed and dirty...

not too much is known about Quality Vet because they are realatively new...i've never used any of their products, but from the few people that i know have used them, they've liked it...

i like Loeffler...but, like Vein said, some like it and some don''s really your call on that one