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Sleep Problems

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Im in the middle of a cycle at the moment, and i cant sleep im lucky if i get 4 hours per night (not good). Ive tried taking valerian root, melatonin, GABA but still no good. Can anyone suggest some more things to try. Cheers

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You may want to try some diphenhydramine. That shit always knocks me out. Another thing... try and take your gear in the morning and lift in the morning. I've found that if I lift in the evening the adrenaline usually keeps me awake for a while. Alternatively, you could lift in the evening and try to cut down on the number of carbs you eat before you work out. That'll drop your blood sugar and make ya kinda sleepy...

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Solid advice from Tadger.
Try to relax when your in bed.
Release your mind of any thoughts.....picture yourself floating.
If anything pops into your head just dont concentrate on it. Relax, relax and relax. This is the only thing that helps me out right body has built a tolerance to those sleeping aids. Mental relaxation works great.

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Thats it grasshopper relese your mind and float. Become one with your bed and your feetie pajamas. NOW snatch this peeble from my hand!!!!!!!

If that doesnt work put in a porno and wack off till ya pass out!!!!!

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bone your chick twice and pop 2 melatonins

you'll be sleeping like a baby

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I know one thing: if I will take 1tab of CLONAZEPAM, will be
sleeping 100% and in another day I will train like the beast,
just wondering if any of you guys have heard about this stuff?

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I just read an interresting article on Melatonin. Says that timing is very important.

Apparently they were testing it on some blind guy since blind people often have sleep disorders. They tried giving him 5mg & 10mg @ 11pm, and it didn't work for him. Then they tried 5mg @ 8pm and it worked wonders for him. So maybe try taking the melatonin at a different time.

Since your body naturally starts producing melatonin when the sun goes down I would try taking it closer to that time. Unless of course you don't want to goto sleep until Midnight, then take it later.