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Im about to start my first cycle of sustanon, and I plan to inject it once a week, for about 6-8 weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations, as to what I should stack it with? Whatever I do stack it with, I want to be able to keep as much of my gains, as possible. Also, what are some things I should take after my cycle to keep my gains?

Thanks a lot!

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ok, since the sustenon/deca/Dbol stack is probably the favorite basic stack of most of the board here, there is a ton of information on it.
use the search function and you'll get loads of knowledge.
research what you want to do, learn as much as possible, then ask questions. you'll get good answers.
in the future, provide more detailed information about yourself.

you need more stuff than just sustenon, like Nolvadex and clomid and other things.....

read and welcome to the board

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You don't "have to" stack it with anything. If this is cycle #1, you could do fine with moderate dosage, say 500mg/wk or LESS. Or you could add a little dbol or winny weeks 1-5

I think a lot of people go overboard when they start using deca/test/ dbol.... Keep the total mg's in mind.... No need to push a gram a week for a first cycle....

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BUMP! Thats good advice!!