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Three questions on my mind at the moment...

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1. What is the safest way to pay for roids via mail-order?

2. Ever had your R taken by Customs? What happened and how did you find out about it?

3. Is it true they make your balls shrink? (the roids....not Customs!)

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1. Never do anything illegal where you live (my little disclaimer)
However, if you didn't want to be found out, for whatever reason, the most anonymous method possible should be used. Argueably that would be untraceable cash.... Be sure to get a delivery confirmation tracking number.

2. If you are a US citizen, and you are importing a substance which is illegal for you to import and is seized by customs, they will mail a letter to whomever the package was addressed, explaining that it is illegal and they have it, but you can come claim it if you think they are wrong, otherwise it will be forfeited.

3. Yes, both can make yer balls shrink. The majority of aas results in inhibitition of natural test production. Think of your nuts as muscles. What happens when a muscle isn't used? It atrophies and shrinks... Well, if you have too much aas, then you nuts don't need to produce test, so they shrink....

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good post TS