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I have a question for the smart people,

I have been meaning to ask this for a while….. Let’s say I had 10cc of a oil based test, and 10cc of another oil like EQ. If I mixed both oils in a 20cc bottle, would they mix evenly. so if I drew out 2 cc’s of fluid would I have an equal amount of both or would the mix be uneven. Is there a special process to mix them evenly, or would the solutes disperse to make an even mix. This has been on my mind for a while. Thanks a lot for your help


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It would depend on the viscosity of both oils. If they were both the same, then they should mix evenly. If not then it would probably require some serious shakage. My EQ and cyp separate in the syringe, telling me that they are of different density. Even after I shake it the tend to separate again. So I would think you can do it you may just have to shake vigorously and go from there. my .02

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I would heat the mixture (increases the kinetic energy of the molecules) and do as Marty said and shake vigorously. They are both nonpolar so they should mix pretty well given the right conditions.

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I wouldnt even risk it. Just leave it alone and you'll know for certain just how many MG's your getting. What would be the reason for this anyway?

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id just use dougs advice, keep them apart and measure each out seperately per shot. ive had EQ that was thinner than some test. i have seen different viscosity deca and tren than test blends or single esters.

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I have mixed many different hormones that were made in different oils in the same bottle and never had a problem. I also usually put everything I am injecting in one 5ml syringe, run it under hot water making sure not to let the water touch the needle, and then shake it until everything is well mixed. The warm oil stays mixed better and is easier to inject. I also fill any extra space in the syringe with Kynoselen. This gives me about 5.5ml total with about 1.0 ml of kyno in the mix. Even though the kyno is water based it will mix when you run under hot water and shake if you inject fairly quick after you shake. I like to add the kyno because even though I cant tell if it does anything for me it will make what I am injecting much thinner so it will go through the needle a lot easier. And Also I bought a case of kyno a long time ago so I need to use it. I always do this for glute injections.

Some people say 5.5ml is to much to put into 1 muscle at once but I have done it for years and never had any problem at all. But after I inject I always grab my vibrating back massager and put it on the injection spot for a couple minutes. This helps dissipate the mass of oil and makes blood flow to the injection spot. This can really decrease the pain that may occur over the next few days.

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That sounds like a fine idea. The amount of injection also depends on your size. For 120 lb female, 5 CCs is way too much for the glutes. However, some of us guys have pretty big rears and can handle it just fine.