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cutting stack with t3 and clen

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i wanna get cut. i 'm 23 yrs old and i have about 8 yrs training experience. i am 6'1" and weigh 228lbs. i've used sust250'>sustanon, clenbuterol, deca and D-bol a few times since i was 20. i probably need to lose about 15-30lbs to get a shredded look. i was thinking about this stack here:
Week1-2 Week3
300mgprimobolan/wk on mon,wed,fri 400mgprimo/wk on mon,wed,th,fri
150mgwinstrol dep/wk 50mg on mon,wed,fri same winstrol as week1
50mg test prop EOD 50mg test prop ED
start clenbuterol wk2 work up to 80mcg/day 100mcgED

Week4 Week5 week6
same primo as week3 same prim sameprimo
same winstrol same win same win
100mgtest propED same prop 50mgEDprop
100mcgclen no clen no clen
cytomelwork up to 50mcg/day 75mcg/day cytomel
50mg proviron

week7 Week8 Week9 week10
sameprimo 200mgprimo/wk no primo
no winstrol no winstrol no winny
50mgEOD prop same prop no test
no clen 80mcg clen 100mcg clen 100mcg clen
100mcg cytomel 75mcg cytomel 50-25mcg cytomel
50mg proviron 75 mg proviron 75mg proviron 75mg proviron
500iu HCG/day for 10 days

PCT:weeks 11-13 i'll use 2 tabs of clomid for ten days then drop down to one for ten days.
This cycle is just an idea, it is months down the road (April/may). As always i keep nolva on hand. Has anyone used proviron? should i just stick with the nolva? Give me some ideas on what i could add or change.

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that screwed up on me. sorry i'm new

primobolan:wk1-2:300mg wk3-7: 400mg wk8:200mg
Winstrol depot:wk1-6 150mg/wk
test prop:wk1-2:50mgEOD wk3:50mgED wk4-5:100mgED wk6:50mgED wk7-8:50mgEOD
clen:wk2-4: work up to 100mcg, wk8-10 work up to 100mcg
T3: wk5-8 work up to 100mcg
Proviron: wk6-7:50mg/day wk8-10 75mg/day
HCG: 500iu/day for 10 days in wk7-8
then follow pct.
PS. i have oxymetholone in my stash and just wanted to know what kind of size and strength gains you guys have seen stacked with test?side effects?